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Development on the 1C platform

Since 2014, we have been specializing in the development and launch of websites on the Bitrix platform. Our specialists have at least 10 years of experience working with CMS Bitrix. We apply all our knowledge and experience in the development, launch and promotion of each project.

Web Design

First, we start by studying the identity and developing the design for the desktop version of the website

Mobile Design

Then we move on to developing and visualizing the design of your website's mobile version


One of the most important stages is to turn the finished design into a fully functioning website


An important part of the development is optimizing the website for search engines like Google, Yandex, and Bing


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Why 1C Bitrix?

1C Bitrix is a powerful and versatile platform for creating and managing web projects, offering many advantages and opportunities. It is best suited for companies that already use some of the 1C products (1C Enterprise, etc.). At Web'sUpp, we specialize in creating websites on 1C Bitrix, offering personalized and high-quality solutions.

1C Bitrix Development Stages

  • Requirements Analysis: At this stage, project goals and objectives, as well as requirements for functionality and design, are determined.
  • Design: The site structure is created, including navigation, directory structure, and content.
  • Configuration and Installation: The 1C Bitrix platform itself is installed on the server. Configuration of basic parameters, such as the database, language settings, and access rights, is performed.
  • Functionality Development: Necessary modules and components are created to implement the required functionality. Site logic is developed, including data processing and interaction with the database.
  • Design and Layout: Page layouts are created in accordance with the design project. An adaptive version of the site is developed for different devices (mobile, tablets, desktops).
  • Content Population: The site is filled with content, including texts, images, videos, and other media elements. SEO optimization of the content is carried out.
  • Testing: Tests are conducted at all stages of development to identify and fix errors and bugs. Compatibility with various browsers and devices is tested.
  • Launch: After successfully completing all previous stages, the project is launched. The site becomes accessible to users.
  • Support and Maintenance: After the project is launched, the Web'sUpp team provides regular support, content updates, and development of new functional modules as needed.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Marketing strategies are developed to attract visitors to the site. Project promotion in the network is carried out (SEO, SMM, advertising).
  • Analysis and Optimization: The project's performance is constantly analyzed, data on user visits and behavior is collected. Based on the analysis, decisions are made to optimize and improve the project.

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